WebstoreEcommerce: Webstore 360

Reach your customers with an integrated and easy-to-manage webstore

An easy-to-navigate eCommerce website with up-to-date product information and corresponding SKUs extends the success of a brick-and-mortar business. However, the manual effort to regularly update information for hundreds of products and thousands of SKUs drains time and resources away from your core business.

Webstore makes it easy to create and maintain a user- friendly and accurate webstore.

Designed to alleviate the continuous pain of ensuring up-to-date product information on your webstore, Webstore automatically pulls product information from the integrated PIM app so that changes made in PIM are reflected in your webstore.

Webstore provides all the features of a modern eCommerce website -- including search engine optimization (SEO) and web analytics -- to help maximize business outcomes. You can publish your branded product catalog and price guide without requiring a software expert, send targeted promotional messages and product notifications, and stay in touch through new product announcements, essential documents, and customer surveys. WebStore can also be easily integrated into existing company websites..

"Webstore makes it easy to create and maintain a user- friendly and accurate webstore" – Channel Partner