Deliver fast and efficient quotes in the field

Efficient and timely quote creation is a constant challenge, particularly for salespeople outside the office. It requires gathering input from multiple equipment manufacturers and double-checking prices and stock-keeping units (SKUs) that may have changed – often with a well-worn spreadsheet as the only guidance. Configuring, pricing, and quoting a solution also may require multiple discussions and emails between manufacturers' inside sales specialists and channel partners, wasting time that otherwise would be spent prospecting, selling, and providing customer support.

CPQ automatically generates quotes in minutes, not days.

CPQ provides a common platform and easy collaboration, to make quoting efficient and accurate. When SKUs or prices change, manufacturers only need to enter the information once, and it is immediately updated in all service provider product catalogs and in their integrated WebStore. CPQ also provides tools so equipment manufacturers can create and maintain assemble-to-order (ATO) configurators, and hosts those configurators for use by distributors and service providers.

A common platform and easy collaboration, to make quoting efficient and accurate.

The CPQ dashboard shows a summary of all quotes organized by product category, industry, manufacturer, region, sales team, and quotes order size. It provides capabilities to offer customized prices for specific regions or customer type.

Manufacturers' discounts and promotions are automatically reflected in the corresponding product price guides. Just choose your customer, select the appropriate items, configure them as needed and CPQ automatically generates a quote with the latest information and pricing – in minutes, not days.

"The CPQ mobile app has empowered our sales and channel partners who can now configure and create quotes for customers in just minutes like never before"– OEM Customer